Tracking Google Reviews
A key feature of Flow is its ability to drive Google Reviews

We have proven that implementation of Flow CX will

  • Increase the quantity of Google Reviews
  • Increase the quantity of 5 star Ratings
  • Reduce the quantity of 1 star, 2 star, 3 star Ratings
  • Dramatically improve your Google Review average star rating

We achieve this by ensuring that we proactively ask the customer about their experience. This allows us to capture and manage bad experiences before they decide to vent their frustration in on Google Reviews. It also allows us to manage Good experiences and invite them to review us on Google Reviews.

Deep Google Integration

Flow is fully integrated with Google Reviews and is able to synchronise all Google Review data into the Flow database. Once in Flow we provide a number of powerful features, such as linking the review to our main customer centric record. This allows us to track if a customer has provided a Review which can

  • ensure we don't ask again for a review
  • trigger a friendly reminder about our review page under preset conditions

Tracking Google Reviews

Google currently do not provide a facility to track average Google Reviews over time. Flow is able to provide this feature to allow us to track a positive trend. Flow can provide inline reporting or a simple widget that can be embedded external to Flow. The following real world example shows a Flow widget embedded in a sharepoint dashboard. Notice the improvement since Flow was introduced in September.

Flow CX

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