Text Analysis on Small Datasets
Flow provides as a core feature the ability to analyse text and provide powerful insight and actions

Flow takes raw customer comment text and transforms it into structured data. Once Flow has structured data we can provide features such as:

  • Identify Business Drivers - Positve and Negative
  • Gather customer sentiment
  • Identify and act on bad feedback
  • Identify and target 'Of Interest' feedback

The problem with most Text Analysis

Most Text Analysis systems fall into a couple of categories

Machine learning
Requires large amounts of data and a data scientist to configure, operate and maintain.

Word Counts
Most often result in basic near useless word clouds or simple word frequency tools.

If like 90% of businesses you don't have large amounts of data, or access to a data scientist then the Flow approach can be very effective.

Flow text analysis

Flow provides a suite of tools to identify quickly and effectively the core Themes in your text data. Flow does not require large datasets and can work with small data. Themes are determined via a mix of Science and Business analysis. As part of every Flow implementation, we configure, run and maintain a Theme identification process. Once the themes have been determined then any text can be fed into the Flow engine to extract:

  • Business Drivers
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Feedback Drill by Theme
  • Feedback Segmentation by Theme
  • Theme Reporting
  • Theme triggered Actions.

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