Improving Online Reviews
Like it or not, your online reputation is key to your success as a business. Online reputations are not for sale. The lack of a clear strategy, can result in irreparable damage to your online footprint.

Flow provides many features, but online reputation is core and perhaps the single best measure of how effective Flow is at successfully managing your customers and their experiences.

Flow manages online reputation with a couple of clear principles

  • Catch Bad customer experiences fast and act on them
  • Catch good customer experiences and leverage them

Bad customer Experiences

There will always be bad customer experiences. Whether these experiences are bad for a reason or not is not important, the customer percieves they have an issue and it needs to be addressed. If it is not addressed then this experience may bleed across into social media - Facebook, Google Reviews, Twitter, Product Review...

Flow provides the tools to capture the bad customer experience early and ensure that the right person deals with the issue and Resolves it.

This is key - we need to acknowledge the issue, address it and provide closure. This will reduce the likelihood of a negative online review drastically.

Good customer Experiences

Normally these far out-weigh the negative experiences. Problem is why would a happy customer go to Social Media and talk about it. They are happy and content end of story.

With Flow we identify happy customers and offer them the opportunity to leave a Review on social media. This often results in positive reviews.

The Flow Effect

  • Increase the number of Online Reviews
  • Increase the number of Positive Reviews
  • Reduce the number of Bad Reviews
  • Dramatically improve Average Review Scores

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