Always choose a Customer Experience Solutions Provider
The Customer Experience Market has never been bigger. A quick search of the web returns countless Solutions.

One piece of advice - Just hold off from clicking on that Free Trial...

More than a piece of Software

A Customer Experience Program (CEP) is a lot more than a nice software package. Sure the software is a key part of the Solution, but it is in fact just that - a Part of the Solution

A Customer Experience Program has some key components

  • Survey Design
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Change Management
  • Training
  • Empowering the very people for whom the feedback is about
  • Process for dealing with bad feedback
  • Data Feeds into the CX System
  • Data Feeds out of the CX System
  • Management Reporting
  • Support for Online Reviews
  • Daily System Health Management

This is just the start of the list...

So either you have a team that understands how to provide for each of these items or you can be guided by a trusted advisor.

There exist three distinct camps in the CX market

1) CX Software Provider
2) CX Advisor
3) CX Solution Provider

CX Solution

At Flow we are a CX Solution Provider. Every project that we work on is provided as a complete solution. Our proven methodology is used to guide our customers from the start to an Active solution

We provide at no extra cost to the customer all of the elements outlined. It is in our best interests for your CEP to succeed. We provide a fully managed service, monitoring the health of the Program on a continual basis.


So regardless of who you select to deliver your CEP, make sure that they understand and care about the total solution. Always choose a Solution Provider, and think twice before opting for a piece of software.

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