Customer Centric Feedback
Here at Flow we have a somewhat different approach to customer feedback. To put it simply, we place the Customer at the center of everything we do.

Having long been the mantra of CRM systems, the simple act of putting the customer at the center of everything CX has always seemed logical to us at Flow CX.

The industry norm is to place feedback at the core of CX systems. Systems know their customers simply as a Feedback response. Whilst this is simple and meets the immediate need of calculating an NPS score or gathering answers to questionsit misses the key point of customer feedback... Understanding the customer.

The Person

At Flow the core of our system is the Person. A Person is the target for feedback. A Person can have many attributes such as

  • customer value (e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • annual spend

Customer Trend

Flow tracks multiple feedback items across time. This is valuable metric will quickly identify when something has gone wrong. For example we track any feedback where an NPS score has dropped by more than 3 points.

This metric will quickly determine when a customer needs some extra attention and allow us to act by further contact and issue resolution.

Customer Lifecycle

The customer lifecycle feature at flow allows us to tailor feedback as a customer progresses through their relationship with an organisation. For example the following lifecycle points may be identified

  • New customer -> new customer survey
  • 3 month milestone -> 3 month checkup
  • 12 month milestone -> annual checkup
  • Lost customer -> lost customer survey

Customer History

Flow provides a full customer history, this means when viewing any feedback results in Flow, we can also see previous feedback, actions, activity and notes in a single simplified 360 degree view.

This powerful view ensures we understand and deal with a customer with the full picture on hand.

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