Flow CX is part of the Microsoft Startups program
We're excited to say we're part of the limited global Microsoft for Startups program that is investing in and driving technology based businesses like Flow CX.

Microsoft chose Flow CX to join the program because of our unique solution along with our B2B focus that will benefit from access to Microsoft Enterprise customers. The Microsoft program provides us Global support to enter new markets and work within the Microsoft trusted partner network.

As part of the program Flow CX are able to leverage Microsoft Azure to ensure your data is always stored locally and complies with local data management and security requirements.

Flow CX also has deep integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, allowing customers to distribute feedback based on business rules and triggers from within Dynamics.  Flow CX is also able to send survey data back into Dynamics ensuring a true Single Customer View.

If you are Microsoft customer and would like to leverage Flow CX for your Customer Experience/Net Promoter Score program (NPS), get in touch.

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