Asset Flow
A unified communication network across your Assets
Connected Assets

Asset Flow enables the rapid construction of a fully connected network of Assets.

Connect Any Asset

Any asset no matter where or what can be connected to your asset network

Each asset is assigned a fit for purpose QR Code.

Each QR Code is a unique fingerprint registered to that Asset.

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Asset Feedback

Collect Feedback from your asset network every time the asset is scanned.

Our advanced data collection software provides rapid easy to configure collection of feedback.

Multiple flows and logic ensure that feedback is tailored to the asset and it's environment.

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Act on Asset Events

A connected asset network means that events can be captured and instantly acted upon.

Events that previously went un-reported or surfaced too late are captured in real-time.

Our Analytics engine provides insights, trend reporting and KPI tracking across all captured data.

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Connect with the Public

Anyone with a phone can instantly connect and provide valuable feedback about your assets.

Fully configurable QR Codes provide a call to action that is ubiquitous and familiar to the general population.

Our workflow engine ensures that feedback is captured, analysed and where appropriate routed to correct resource for action.

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Connect Internally

Internal Asset data collection is easy with our platform, track planned maintenance, capture key events, provide core information

There are limitless possibilities, it all depends on your business requirements.

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Turn key solution

Whether you simply want to use our software or would prefer to outsource the entire process, our solutions are tailored to your use-case

Our team becomes an extension of your organisation.

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