Why we never use "noreply@" email addresses
We Email a lot of customer feedback requests every day. Every feedback request will always have a valid reply email address. We do not use noreply@ email addresses for a number of reasons.

Wrong tone

A noreply@ email address sets the wrong tone for an open feedback channel between us and the customer.

We use an open conversational email address such as feedback@youtellus.net, this reinforces to the customer that we are listening and value their feedback.

Some customers do not want to fill out surveys and are more comfortable providing an emailed response. There will always be situations where a customer is not able to run a survey - they may resort to reply by email instead.

We have the tools to effectively read, analyse and action emails received from end customers.

Text Analysis

Our Text Analysis tools can turn email content into actionable structured data. Our tools can also effectively identify auto-responses and spam, filtering these out of the process.

Our experience has shown that whilst most customers will provide feedback through the survey, some very valuable feedback that would otherwise have been lost can be gathered from this channel.

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