Closing the Customer Feedback Loop
The collection of Customer Feedback has been growing exponentially. Organisations of all shapes and sizes have implemented systems to request and gather feedback. But what happens next?

Customer Feedback is often seen as a chance to measure an organisations performace via metrics such as NPS or balanced score cards.

Customers answer questions posed by the organisation and the answers feed into a one-way process that culminates in some reports and metrics.

Whilst this is a good first step and can provide some useful direction on how a business if performing it misses the core principle of any feedback system...


A Feedback system must be bi-directional. All feedback must follow a process that allows it to be Evaluated and Closed off. We call this process "Closing the Loop"

How do we do this?

At Flow we ensure that all feedback is processed and fed into our rules engine which determines whether a piece of feedback requires follow-up action or whether it can be Marked as Closed.

We ensure that regardless of the feedback channel - be it via email, phone, survey, sms or video that the same set of rules are followed and applied.

An Unhappy customer is always asked if they have a problem that we can assist with.

Our skills based-routing engine will assign the Unhappy customer to the correct person to address their problem.

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